The purpose of this assessment as outlined in the terms of reference is: "To obtain an assessment by an independent third party of the expected performance of the proposed new business risk management program's proposed New NISA and production insurance relative to the current set of risk management programming, including NISA, CFIP, crop insurance and companion programs." Within this context, the specific mandate and scope is to assess "the extent to which the current and proposed programs meet the objectives set out by Agriculture Ministers for business risk management programming, as follows: · to ensure programs are responsive to demand and that government dollars are directed to areas of need with respect to income stabilization, disaster mitigation, insurance coverage and investment; · to provide equal treatment for farmers across Canada facing similar risk situations; · to minimize the distortion of farmers' production and marketing decisions; · to focus on management of risks related to the stability of the entire farm and to avoid duplication of payments; · to be relatively simple and easy to understand; and · to facilitate long term planning by farmers."


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