This section includes: Trade Policy, Agriculture, and Rural Communities, by Daniel A. Sumner, Stephanie A. Mercier, Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Steven Neff, Mark Ritchie, Thomas G. Johnson, Dennis U. Fisher and C. Ford Runge; The Impacts of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA), by Christina D. Difonzo, Mark Whalon and Terry Miller; Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural America, by Philip L. Martin, Joseph Amato, and Kent S. Nelson; Supporting Families by Strengthening Communities, by Dave A. Riley and James Garbarino; Regulation of Confined Animal Feeding Operations, by Charles W. Abdalla, Steve Smutko, Glen L. Keppy, Roberta Parry and James R. Van Der Pol; Innovative Extension Land Use Policy Programs, by David B. Patton, James J. Wiesing, David Sharpe and Janet Ayres


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