Starting with 2021 the European Commission plans to introduce a stability reserve to boost the EU ETS market in order to reduce the imbalance between supply and demand. The planned measures are twofold, the Commission would narrow supply until 2020 (back-loading) to amend short term disequilibrium and reduce volatility. The other measure is a realignment of the mechanism by forming a market stability reserve, to adjust dynamically the supply side. In the followings information will be provided on domestic greenhouse gas emissions and trends, the quantified emission reduction targets, and the progress towards their accomplishment, an overview of emissions projections based on the most update UNFCCC communication of Hungary. Furthermore detailed impact of domestic policies and measures will be provided on greenhouse gas emissions until 2030 together with the Hungarian potential market participation under the EU ETS by identifying the difference between target and actual emissions and making some estimations based on the goals set in the Effort Sharing Directive (ESD).


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