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In the Budapest Business School College of Finance and Accountancy 989 students attended the compulsory course unit Statistics I. in the Spring semester of 2011/2012 in full-time courses on bachelor level. During the semester two tests – a midterm and a final test, 50 points each – had to be written. The results, the points obtained in the two written tests, the total points and the factors influencing the results are investigated in this paper. In our opinion the accomplishment of the course on an acceptable level depends on several factors. The studies before the college provide very important information, since the completion of high school studies on a better level significantly influences the results at the college. We investigate how the performance is affected by the fact whether the students graduated at grammar- or technical school, which subjects of the school-leaving exam were taken into account and how many points were reached when they applied for admission to the college. It was also a question for us whether knowledge of languages and its level influences the level of completion of the Statistics course or not.


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