The wine market is facing new challenges that require a high degree of competitiveness. To support the agricultural sector the European Commission has issued regulations (Regulation 510/2006 followed by Regulation 1151/2012) regarding the protected designations of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indications (PGI). These measures are part of the common agricultural policy (CAP) and affect, among others, the wine sector. The objectives of Regulations 510/2006 and 1151/2012 are to promote rural economies, enhance internal markets and increase consumer choice and information. We applied a choice experiment to understand whether the new PDO Regulation has a positive effect on the Prosecco wine market. Five attributes were considered: using grapes from local biotypes, protection of the traditional landscape, traceability, place of production and finally, price. Our results indicate that the production area appears to be an important attribute in guiding consumers’ purchasing decisions. The research also showed that consumers seem to attribute great importance to other characteristics of Prosecco, in particular, the use of grapes from local biotypes. The latter has more influence than the area of origin on the propensity to buy Prosecco for 64% of the sample.


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