The Chilean agricultural sector presents management problems, which indirectly affect their competitiveness and profitability. The objective of this work is to analysis the implementation process of Chilean Standard 2909 in middle units of cherry production in Curicó Province, Region Del Maule. It was conducted in the municipality of Romeral, Maule Region, during the season 2010-2011. The results indicate that none production unit approved the pre-audit NCh 2909, achieving a general rate of 19% of accomplishment. Strategy and leadership, and management of financial and physical resources were those criteria more complex to implement. In conclusion, the level of initial reached compliance NCh 2909, shows the labeling error 'entrepreneur' to producers - decision makers. The implementation of the standard involves a transformation of the way we manage resources, which, since the certification of the NCh 2909 not considered a regular update, there is no guarantee that it will consolidate and endure over time.


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