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En muy pocas ocasiones tiene hoy jugar el refugado, cocido y enfardado del corcho en el mismo monte, a diferencia de lo que ocurria desde la tercera decado del siglo XIX hasta las primeras decadas del XX. Los Montes Propios de Jerex de la Frontera es una de las tres excepciones en el Parque Natural de los Alcornocales. Son tres opciones potenciales de venta del corcho llegado el ano final del turno de saca del corcho: (i) en pie, (ii) en cargadero a pie de carril y (iii) una vez preparado en fardos y a granel. El interes de esta investigacion es presentar la renta total y la tasa de rentabilidad comerciales alcanzadas en cada eslabon de la Cadena de integracion vertical del corcho sacado y cocido en los Montes Propios de Jerez, considerando los datos de un ano medio del periodo 1994-2002 a precios de poder adquistivo de 2002...Nowadays, in few cases the preparation of cork bark takes place at cork oak woodland estates as it has been occurred from the third decade of the 19th century to the first decades of the 20th century, by the beginning of cork commercial extraction activity. The Montes Propios de Jerez, de la Frontera is one of the three exceptions at the Alcornocales Natural Park, which is located in the southwest of Spain spreading out the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga along 170,025 hectares. The cork Oak is the main specie taking up the 48.5 percent of his total surface. There are three cork purchasing alternatives for a cork Oak woodland owner once the cork stripping turn is accomplished: to sell cork (i) standing, (ii) at farm gate or (iii) prepared for stoppers and other cork products industries. At the Montes Propios de Jerez de la Frontera the cork is sold by the third alternative. The aim of this research is to present the total commercial income and profitability rate accrued from each link of the vertical integrated cork chain, for cork that is annually striped and boiled at the Montes Propios de Jerez. The Agrofrestry Account System (AAS) methodology is used to classify the different productions and costs generated in each of the vertical integrated cork chain, considering average values of period 1994-2003, expressed at purchasing power terms of year 2002. Moreover, the results obtained are integrated with the rest of activities which are conducted in the Montes Propios de Jerez de la Frontera, offering a global view of their private commercial economy. The fact the studied state is property of a public institution could justify the fulfillment of the second and the third link of the vertical chain, since the capital profitability rates are negative, although the overall rate is positive. So, the criteria followed by the managers of the Montes Propios de Jerez de la Frontera reflect a social economy with high levels of employed labour force. This could explain why the preparation of the cork bark in the cork Oak woodland estates has practically disappeared in the Alcornocales Natural Park, and the private owners prefers to sell the cork standing or at farm gate.


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