La promoción de nuevas empresas en el medio rural. Análisis de la incidencia del Leader II en la provincia de Huelva...The paper examines, for the period 1982-1999, the behaviour of the economic concentration of agricultural holding based on their Total Gross margin and classidied according to their principal Type of farming and the farming sector as a whole; municipal Gini indices are also calculated. Intercensal changes for each type and censal changes between types are assessed. The paper sets out the systematic changes that have taken place in index distributions. These changes reflect change in agricultural holding structure. Inequality in the economic distribution of dominant-agriculture holdings rose slightly over the period, but decreased remarkable in the dominant livestock activity. The only explanation for these developments must be sought in structural change, in particular, the notable retreat of sheep, goat and other dominant grazing-livestock agricultural holdings. Finally, concentration of cropping and livestock also decreased. The salient point of the intra-censal results is the change in the order of magnitude of the overall indices. While in 1982 the economic concentration of the dominant Agriculture was significantly less than that of Livestock, by 1999 the reverse was the case.


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