Institutional restrictions concerning growth and development of Polish farms. The Russian agricultural sector and WTO: advantages and disadvantages. Policy and economic rent as sources of agricultural producer’s income. An analysis of current economic problems and development factors in agriculture facing Ukraine. The assessment of quality and price competition strategies in Polish trade of agri-food products. The dynamic of agrifood systems and institutional impacts on Romanian vegetable producers. The status and development perspectives of the agricultural production sector of the Republic of Belarus. Would equal direct payments in the EU be fair? Impact of the CAP support measures on the agricultural sector in Lithuania. Economic and managerial analysis of the effect of human capital on the growth of horticulture sector in Bulgaria. Agriculture and rural development – the case of Norway. Agricultural policy supporting the structural development of farms and other rural enterprises in Finland. Economic crisis in rural areas of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Clusters development in terms of building competitive advantages of an agricultural sector in transition countries. Sustainability of individual farms based on farm accountancy data and survey of respondents from Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. Development factors and elements of a farm management system in France. The impact of CAP on agriculture in the opinion of farmers. Regional restructuring and modernization of Bulgarian dairy sector after the accession to the EU. Trade arragements and their impact on food sector development in Balcan region countries candidate countries. Modelling the factors of human resources management in the horticulture sector in Bulgaria. Change of Productivity in German Dairy Farms. Structural and market changes in the Hungarian fruit industry. Social and economic assumptions of employment increase in fruit and vegetable sector of Slovakia.


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