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000164773 245__ $$aSwot analysis and identification of the needs, potential and development strategies of the fruit and vegetable sector in Montenegro
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000164773 520__ $$aFruit and vegetable production in Montenegro benefits from naturally favourable conditions in terms of climate, soil and water
resources. Such conditions enable high quality fruit, vegetables and vines to be grown, and fruit and vegetable production and viticulture have
a long tradition as well as the cultivation of a wide assortment of produce. A significant number of Montenegrin households therefore deal
with horticultural and wine production, although on a small-scale.
Along with the global market trends, the level of domestic consumption, the expected evolution of the distribution system in Montenegro and
the planned dynamic developments in the tourist sector, these natural conditions contribute to creating basic conditions for the development
of the considered sector. Market opportunities are favourable and represent an additional contributing factor towards its development.
In spite of the favourable climate for production in this sector and the supportive market opportunities, the real value of Montenegrin products
at sector level is quite low. We conduct a SWOT analysis of the sector aimed to find out its potential as well as the needs of the sector. Our
starting hypothesis is that the potential of this sector in Montenegro is greater than current activity/production, and that suitable strategies can
provide higher results in this sector. The main outcome of this paper will be our suggestions for improvement within the sector.
The SWOT analysis will be completed according to the PESTEL categorisation, after which Opportunities and Threats will be grouped into
three major strategic categories: “New market trends”, “Sector financing” and “Structure and functioning of the value chain”. The SWOT
analysis outcomes, when regarded alongside a review of global market trends and domestic production potential, lead to strategies for the
improvement of the sector.
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