This paper uses the extreme value theory (EVT) to predict extreme price events of Malaysian palm oil in the future, based on monthly futures price data for a 25 year period (mid-1986 to mid-2011). Model diagnostic has confirmed non-normal distribution of palm oil price data, thereby justifying the use of EVT. Two principal approaches to model extreme values – the Block Maxima (BM) and Peak-Over- Threshold (POT) models – were used. Both models revealed that the palm oil price will peak at an incremental rate in the next 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 year periods. The price growth level in Year-5 is estimated at 17.6% and 44.6% in Year-100 using BM approach. Use of the POT approach indicated a growth rate of 37.6% in Year-5 and 50.8% in Year 100, respectively. The key conclusion is that although the POT model outperformed the BM model, both approaches are effective in providing predictions of growth in prices caused by extreme events. The results could serve as a useful guide to farmers, exporters, governments, and other stakeholders of the palm oil industry informing strategic planning for the future.


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