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A review of 183 papers published between 1990 and 2006 led to development of a typology of farm management decision-making (FMDM) research. An existing model which categorises decision research according to purpose as being either Analytical (descriptive), Normative, or Prescriptive was blended with a second form of categorisation based on six emergent decision domains: (1) factors; (2) processes; (3) events; (4) evaluation; (5) patterns; and (6) aids. The result was a typology of seven main discernible types of FMDM research with four being Analytical in purpose (Factors, Processes, Events and Patterns), two being Normative (Event and Evaluation), and the last being Prescriptive Aid. Each of these types is outlined and examples of representative publications listed. Finally, some trends in publication patterns, in accord with this typology, are presented. This work is presented in the hope it helps readers to navigate more easily though a large and complex literature.


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