In Mexico the apicultural production has been developed like an excellent activity basically because it represents an important generating source of use in the marginalized zones of the country, as well as one of the main capturing currency activities within the cattle subsector. Under this context, it is important to analyze the prevailing production system in the south of the state of Mexico, its process of commercialization and the economic impact of this activity in the diverse participant actors; the reference year of the study was the 2010. It was determined the predominant exploitation system in the region; also there were identified the main channels of the commercialization that follows the product from its exit in the property to its arrival to the final consumer and their margins of commercialization were calculated. For the calculation of these margins, statistically representative product lots were followed by their passage through the different participant agents and the different costs and prices were registered during their passage. The predominant production system in beekeeping of the south of the state of Mexico is extensive or the rustic one, characterized by dispersed producers, which own a small number of beehives, which supply to the local market with mixed honeys of different colors and qualities; also, this activity is developed as a complement of other agricultural and cattle activities. The channel of traditional commercialization used to take the product from the operation to the final consumer is: the direct sale in the property, the sale to hoarders and the sale to lovers of detail. The producer participation in the final price of the product was in average of the 63.46%; the intermediaries participated with the 15.92% and lovers of detail with the 20.62%. The margin of total commercialization average was 30.53 $/l, from which the lovers of detail obtained the greater margin average with 16.90 $/l, while rest 13.63 $/l adjudged the hoarders to it. The major commercialization margins were reached during the months of August, October and January.


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