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Mexico’s sheep cattle inventory in 2010 was 8.105 million head, mainly concentrated in the central part of this country, where it represents an important economic and social activity in the rural region. Nevertheless; traditionally, to support this production systems, the Mexican government through SAGARPA considers that all the producers dedicated to this production have equal technological conditions. The reality is that the producers are different to each other, by regions, organizations and inside of a locality, reason why the type of supports that canalize themselves must be adecuated to its needs and characteristics. The purpose of this paper is to present the economic and financial viability projection of a sheep meat Representative Producion Unit (RPU) conducted as a semi-intensive production system for the 2008-2018 period in the San Martin Tultepec Municipality located in the Estado de México. The necessary data to carry out this study and to form the producing PPU arose from producers panels, conducted in San Martín Tultepec Municipality. The economic analysis and simulation was carried out in the agri-economic model named MexSim, whose results show a positive future behavior.


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