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Through in-depth analysis on history and current situations of fishery development in Poyang Lake area, this paper presents location, resource and environment advantages in development of ecological fishery. According to orientation of leading functions, Poyang Lake can be divided into breeding development, capture operation, enhancement protection and ecological rehabilitation functional zones. In accordance with industrial foundation and ecological advantages of cities and counties in Poyang Lake, it determines the reasonable distribution of 8 leading industries: river crabs, shrimps (Procambarus clarkia), eels, Pengze crucian carp, Siniperca chuatsi, Channa argus, Ietalurus Punetaus, and pearl. On the basis of systematically summing up exploration experience, it comes up with the development path “ecology oriented fishery and industrialization oriented ecological fishery” for ecological fishery in Poyang Lake area. It proposes a series of key technological measures, including reducing fertilizer and drugs, increasing output and benefits, low consumption and emission, high quality and safety, and standardization, to realize a benign cycle of “cost saving, benefit increasing, quality improving and low carbon” and the multi-win objective of coordination between ecology, economy and society.


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