Construction of theme park has been launched since the early 1990s in Chengdu City, but ended up as a losing proposition after its short-term prosperity because of similar scale and theme with those in other cities. As more international well-known theme parks enter the market, theme parks in Chengdu have been faced with the transition, and novel concepts introduced into the operation of these parks. T o adapt to the market, it is imperative to make marketing strategies and combine marketing elements. Through analyzing current development of local theme parks and introducing successful marketing modes of domestic and overseas theme parks, a favorable marketing mode for theme parks in Chengdu was defined on the basis of fully exploring Ba-Shu culture (Ba and Shu are two ancient kingdoms in the history of Sichuan). By defining a favorable theme, focusing more on visitors’ experience, devoting more in developing new products, adopting flexible price strategies, and integrating advertisement marketing, internet marketing, and other marketing methods, outstanding brands will be formed, and tourism cultures with distinguished features of Chengdu will be created.


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