Serbia has opted for European integrations, in other words, trilateral incorporation (EU-USA-Russia), production of healthy food and faster development of entrepreneurship, especially small and middle firms in agriculture and in the village. Some efforts have been taken in aim to finish a transition process and strengthening in private property sector, development of market economy and democracy, getting rid of many mistakes: from past and their consequences in social economic development of our country and the moves closer to the EU member countries. Incorporation of Serbia in mentioned situation especially European integration, represents complex kinds of difficulties, because it is about high developed countries integrations, with high life standards, countries which were not involved in conflicts and wars by national, religion and idealism elements. Therefore, such incorporation of our agricultural, and further, in its subcategory - agribusiness, agrarian and rural entrepreneurship, as well as production and sale of healthy food products on EU market, represents special difficulties and requires a lot of patience, time and efforts.


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