Republic Macedonia has been settled in the central part of Balkan Peninsula. It is small country (25 713 kilometer square), without sea exit, relatively undeveloped. The beginning of the transition has been parallel with the starting period of building independent state as a new historical period starting with 1991 (separation from Ex. Yugoslavia) that why, it has been known as difficult, complex and unstable period. Within basis of national development a few fundamental destinations have been established: consistently building open society, economic stability, transition to stable and sustainable economic development, export orientation of the state and outspread outward-economic relations, enlarging the employment and approving socio-economic condition in the state. The purpose was to finish successfully the transition in all domains of the society in Republic of Macedonia. But, from current perspective we could say that the valuation of the past period of building souvereny state with deep transitional changes was difficult and partly successful with strong influence in agriculture and rural development in the country.


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