In today’s stressful entrepreneurial environment, avoiding crisis by applying business continuity management processes may be considered a competitive advantage. Business continuity management also facilitates the elimination of threats caused by internal and external environments. It is grounded on procedures arising from good practice and organizations use them in the form of normative documents. The main goal of the article is to identify whether it is important to apply business continuity standards in selected sectors and to identify possible advantages and disadvantages for organizations. The article has been drawn up on the basis of the evaluation of a questionnaire survey (N=779; n=106) and interviews. The application of official standards by individual organizations enhances efficiency when determining necessary business continuity management processes in unfavourable situations. Last but not least, it shortens the period of restoration of key processes which, however, differ in individual economic sectors. This contribution is a follow-up to the project of CULS – wide internal grant agency (CIGA), no. 20121001 – Business continuity management contributing to higher performance in organizations.


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