Land use/coverage change (LUCC) exerts a profound influence on global carbon emission through changing structure and functions of ecosystem. Taking Nanchang City as an example, this study determined organic carbon emission of land ecosystem by ecosystem type method. In 2005, total carbon emission of Nanchang City was 4.826 2 Tg. In 2010, it became 5.535 9 Tg, showing a growth trend of carbon emission from land use change. The carbon emission of cropland and grassland decreased in 2005-2010, that of garden land and construction land had increase, and carbon absorption function of water land and other unused land was weakened. Due to difference of land use structure, the carbon emission of Nanchang City is varied. In 2005-2010, the rank of carbon emission from high to low is as follows: Nanchang County, Xinjian County, Jinxian County and Qingshanhu District. In combination with land use change and development plan of Nanchang City, Nanchang City should take carbon emission reduction measures, including conceding the land to forestry, returning the land to water, limiting excessive expansion of construction land, optimizing distribution of urban land use, flexibly regulating land supply policies, and establishing carbon trading legal system, to reach the objective of combining land use plan with ecological construction.


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