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China is the largest producer and exporter of edible fungus in the world, and Shandong is the largest producer of edible fungus in China. This study is intended to select suitable organization mode for edible fungus industry of Shandong Province. On the basis of types and characteristics of existing edible fungus production modes in China, it is concluded that Shandong Province should take following measures: (1) giving priority to development of integrated organization mode; (2) steadily promoting park and factory mode in economically developed regions; (3) developing circular agriculture in regions with solid foundation of agriculture and animal husbandry. Finally, it puts forward following recommendations: (1) speeding up construction of standardization and information platform for edible fungus industry; (2) improving quality of personnel engaged in edible fungus industry; (3) bringing into play driving effect of leading enterprises; (4) developing and introducing deep processing enterprises.


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