New type professional farmers are farmers who possess certain resources and capitals, have certain extent of spirit of entrepreneurship, and are fully capable of obtaining and allocating resources related to agricultural production and management, and engaged in agricultural production and management for obtaining average profit. Cultivation of new type professional farmers should be promoted in the process and at the background of “coordinated development of industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization”. It should establish a proper cultivation subject system consisting of government, enterprises, rural communities and nonprofit organizations. Relying on multiple motive forces, efforts should be concentrated on cultivating those farmers with enterprising, highly innovative and learning ability, to guide traditional farmers to change into learning, enterprising and innovative ones. In addition, cultivation of new type professional farmers must rely on farmer education and training, modern agricultural development, increase in agricultural comparative advantage, innovation of rural management system and mechanism, multiple types of agricultural operation on a fairly large scale, as well as construction and regulation of new rural communities. Finally, it is recommended to provide system guarantee from long-term input mechanism of new type professional farmer education and training, incentive and restrictive mechanism of new type professional farmer cultivation, and construction of favorable environment for agricultural entrepreneurship.


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