Through systematic summary of domestic research documents about China’s tourism-oriented poverty alleviation in recent 10 years, it is found that researches mainly focus on 5 aspects: effect of tourism-oriented poverty alleviation, model and development strategy, benefit of poverty stricken people, practice of tourism-oriented poverty alleviation in specific region, and other related problems. At present, academic circle mainly has weak points of research content, method, object and region in tourism-oriented poverty alleviation. Finally, it points out key research interests: (1) Strengthening combination of qualitative and quantitative researches; (2) Expanding research fields and scope and promoting in-depth researches; (3) Analyzing benefiting mechanism of poverty-stricken people participating in tourism development in depth with poverty-stricken people as research objects; (4) Increasing scale development of perception research on effect of tourism-oriented poverty alleviation and research on measurement testing, to make subsequent research have reliability and comparability.


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