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Table of Contents: Overview, by Ruth S. Meinzen-Dick and Mark W. Rosegrant; Water for food production, by Mark W. Rosegrant and Ximing Cai; Domestic water supply, hygiene, and sanitation, by Hans van Damme; Emerging water quality problems in developing countries, by Wim van der Hoek; Water and rural livelihoods, by Linden Vincent; Water and the environment, by Elroy Bos and Ger Bergkamp; Dams and water storage, by Jeremy Bird and Pamela Wallace; Groundwater: potential and constraints, by Marcus Moench; Water harvesting and watershed management, by John Kerr and Ganesh Pangare; Water pricing: potential and problems, by R. Maria Saleth; Markets for tradable water rights, by Karin E. Kemper; Recognizing water rights, by Franz and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann; Integrated management of water in river basins, by Mark Svendsen; Water, conflict, and cooperation, by Aaron T. Wolf


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