This section includes: Collective Action and Property Rights for Sustainable Development: Overview, by Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Monica Di Gregorio; Understanding collective action, by Elinor Ostrom; Understanding property rights, by Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Rajendra Pradhan, and Monica Di Gregorio; Local-level public goods and collective action, by Nancy McCarthy; Property rights, collective action, and agroforestry, by Frank Place, Keijiro Otsuka, and Sara Scherr; Irrigation, collective action, and property rights, by Douglas L. Vermillion; Collective action and property rights in fisheries management, by Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, K. Kuperan Viswanathan, and R.A. Valmonte-Santos; Collaborative management of forests, by Eva Wollenberg, Bruce Campbell, Sheona Shackleton, David Edmunds,and Patricia Shanley; Institutional options for managing rangelands, by Tidiane Ngaido and Nancy McCarthy; Property rights, collective action, and plant genetic resources, by Pablo Eyzaguirre, Nancy McCarthy, Monica Di Gregorio, and Evan Dennis; Collective action in pest management, by Helle Munk Ravnborg; Property rights and collective action in watersheds, by Brent Swallow, Nancy Johnson, Anna Knox, and Ruth Meinzen-Dick; Property rights, collective action, and agribusiness, by Nancy Johnson and Julio A. Berdegue; Farmer research and extension, by Anna Knox and Nina Lilja; Strengthening collective action, by Bryan Bruns and Pakping Chalad Bruns; Strengthening property rights for the poor, by John W. Bruce.


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