Commercialization occurs both between households within the same community, as well as between households and external markets. The drivers of commercialization at household and community level are not yet well understood. The trend in commercialization is increasing in most of the agricultural products, both in terms of the range of products involved, the number of participants and the value traded, while commercialization of wild fruit and its products still absent or extremely limited. Therefore, the main objective of this paper was to find the drivers governing the commercialization of edible wild fruits in Kenyan dry lands and to give recommendations on the possible prime movers to a commercialization of edible wild fruits among pastoralists in Kenya. An ordinal logistic regression model of binary choice was used as the major analytical tool. Therefore, this research concluded that establishing or improving the storage facility, improving transportation or road network and establishing the fruit nursery are the key factors that can motivate the community to commercialize and proper utilization this potential resource.


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