The aim of this paper is to evaluate visitor satisfaction in agritourism and to understand the implications for agritourism farmers in Sri Lanka. This has been done following the Expectancy Disconfirmation Theory. There are 21 attributes under five different aspects selected for the satisfaction measurement. This study also provides a comparative picture of local and foreign visitors. The study has been conducted on three randomly selected agritourism destinations. Results reveal that out of 21 attributes, nine attributes emerge at the satisfied level, and there were ten indifferences and two dissatisfied. Further, the overall satisfaction levels of both groups of visitors were at moderate levels and comparatively a higher level of satisfaction of local visitors can be observed over foreign visitors. Although the possibility of revisiting the destinations is low, recommending the destinations to others was high for both groups. However, both groups emphasized the necessity of improving appropriate educational programs, entertainment activities, variation of farm products with processing, availability of direct sales to visitors, increasing the efficiency of staff members, upgrading the hygiene and sanitation situation, and improving the road conditions leading to the destinations in order to enhance the satisfaction of visitors. The findings of this research may be useful in developing policy and undertaking promotional measures for intensifying agritourism sector, as this sector has a place within the current focus of rural development in Sri Lanka.


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