Forests have economic, ecological, social and cultural functions. Forests Cultural ecology, the counterpart of forest ecology, is the integration of human spirit formed on the basis of natural forest and living systems. In recent years, China's urbanization rate has increased from 28% in 1993 to 45.68% in 2008, and ecological protection of urban forest has made great progress, but insufficient attention was paid to the forest cultural ecology protection and the relevant regulatory was not well performed. In order to strengthen the protection of forest cultural ecology and the management,the study showed that the social economic development of China has become mature and entered the consumption phase, besides, cultural ecology protection of forest will be the essence of urban forestry development in the future, so more and more attention will be paid to the protection of urban forest cultural ecology , especially with the enhancement of urbanization in China. The study suggests that protection of urban forest cultural ecology should be included into the forest legislation and management. The development planning of urban forest development should be strengthened to highlight the organic combination of material wealth production and spiritual wealth production, and finally promote protection of urban forest culture and the development of green culture.


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