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In order to analyze the improvement of fish resource, the trawl net and gill net were used in the background survey and investigation in the artificial reef area and control area of the east of corner was discussed in Zhelang Shanwei in January 2003 and April 2010 respectively. Margalef species richness index, Shannon-Winener diversity index and Pileou uniformity index were chosen to analyze the multiformity of biological population and community structure. Resource density index of trawl net investigation and catch rate of gill net were chosen to estimate the variance of biomass. The results of the trawl net showed that the resources density of the artificial area increased by 3.078 times, and numbers of species increased by 1.875 times, squilla being the dominant group instead of the fish, and the first dominant species being squilla oratoria (Oratosquilla oratoria) , which increased by 4.372 times before the artificial reef dropped. The results of the gill net showed that the catch rate of the artificial area increased by 12.043 times, numbers of species increased by 1.333 times, the dominant group was fish, it increased greatly, the first dominant species was golden small fish (Sardinella aurita) , which increased by 13.035 times before the artificial reef dropped. Both the results of trawl net and gill net indicated that the effect of fish assemblage were evident, and the community structure had improved greatly. It showed a wonderful effect on conservation and assemblage of fishes resource. The artificial reefs developed a new resource enhancement system in the east corner of Zhelang Shanwei accomplished basically.


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