The paper shows the results of analysis and assessment of the changes in the agricultural landscape in Slovakia in the years 1990-2000, obtained through identification of the transfers from the CORINE land cover class 211 (arable land) in favour of classes 231 (pastures) and 242 (complex cultivation patterns). The area of class 242 increased by 13,111.7 ha, mainly in the hinterland of rural settlements of northern and central Slovakia and in the viticultural regions of south-western Slovakia. The cause of this change lies in restitution offarmland and its lease to new private farmers. The area of class 231 increased at the cost of the class 211 by 4,530.9 ha. This change was observed in almost all districts of mountain and sub-mountain regions of Slovakia and primarily it is due to the transformation in the agrarian policy of the State after 1989.


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