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U.S. agricultural export value and volume rose 20 percent during the first 5 months of fiscal year (FY) 1988 (October 1987-February 1988), reaching $14.5 billion and 63 million tons. Agricultural import value during the fir t 5 months of FY 1.988 totaled $8.9 billion, 3 percent above that for the same period of FY 1987. Rebounding U.S. agricultural exports boosted the export level from more that 30 States during FY 1987. The exported share of U.S. agricultural production increased to 15 percent in FY 1987, up from 14 percent in FY 1986. Japan was the top market for U.S. agricultural exports for the last 5 fiscal years, followed by the Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, the' USSR, Mex~co, Taiwan, and West Germany.


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