This publication includes compounds evaluated from 1944 to 1976 at Fort Detrick, MD, for their growth effects on plants. The manually recorded results of these tests on the biological activity of 31,000 chemicals were assembled with computer-checking programs and are systematically summarized with their, chemical structure descriptions entered as Wiswesser, Line Notations (WLN). The biological information contains primary evaluation results based on 2 dosage rates, 4 degrees of activity, and 10 kinds of plant responses on 6 representative species. These species consist of four dicotyledonous and two monocotyledonous plants. The more important biological effects observed in the evaluation program were summarized by a computer program that developed 14 tables. The authors also have provided indexes containing the Wiswesser Line Notations (WLN) and those compounds that have acquired common or trade names (common designations). This bulletin contains the biological and chemical information that has been computerized in 14 tables and 2 indexes.


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