Table of Table of Contents: (1) Babula, Ronald A. and John Paul Rothenberg: "A Dynamic Model of U.S. Pork Product Markets: Testing for and Discerning the Role of Hedging on Pork-Related Food Costs," pp. 1-24; (2) Johnson, Jessica Jo and Andrew Barkley: "Trade Agreement Impact on Trade Flows, Trade Creation, and Trade Diversion: The Determinants of International Wheat Trade, 1999-2008," pp. 25-42; (3) Carew, Richard, Wojciech J. Florkowski, and Ali Doroudian: "Market Integration and Relationship between Farm-Level Prices: Evidence from Cherry Markets in BC, Washington and California," pp. 43-64; (4) Mane, Ranjit and Eric Wailes: "Impact of Trade Liberalization in Rice: Assessing Alternative Proposals," pp. 65-80; (5) Amikuzuno, Joseph and Samuel A. Donkoh: "Border Effects on Spatial Price Transmission between Fresh Tomato Markets in Ghana and Burkina-Faso: Any Case for Promoting Trans-border Trade in West Africa?" pp. 81-98; (6) Poudel, Mahadeb Prasad and Shwu-En Chen: "Effect of Production on Large Cardamom Price Variability in Nepal," pp. 99-108.


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