Table of Table of Contents: (1) Babula, Ronald A.: "Using Cointegrated VAR Modeling to Comparatively and Empirically Assess Effects of Alternatively-Focused Policies on U.S. Soft Wheat Markets," pp. 109-130; (2) Shaik, Saleem and Dragan Miljkovic: "The Impact of Trade Openness on Technical Efficiency in U.S. Agriculture," pp. 131-144; (3) Lopez, Jose A., Jaime E. Malaga, Benaissa Chidmi, Eric Belasco and James Surles: "Understanding Mexican Meat consumption and Imports at the Table Cut Level," pp. 145-168; Susanto, Dwi and C. Parr Rosson: "Financial Development and International Trade: An Empirical Analysis," pp. 169-182; (5) Salam, Abdul: "Domestic Terms of Trade and Resource Transfers from Agriculture: A Case Study of Pakistan," pp. 183-197


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