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At the background of structural regulation of agriculture and industrialized development of rural areas, systematic thought and constructive recommendations are put forward on building innovative rural sci-tech service system in China from following 5 aspects. (1) In organizational system, rural sci-tech service associations should become nonprofit organizations that have independent legal entities. (2) In service object, it should take farmers as subject, new rural economic organizations as carrier, agricultural leading enterprises as handle, little village officials as joint, sci-tech special commissioner as link, and agricultural brokers as medium. (3) In information resources, it should enhance practicality construction and sharing. (4) In service methods and reform measures, it should combine information technology, expert technical consulting service, and sci-tech model base. (5) In policy support and input mechanism, it should follow the principle of diversification, set up government special funds, and formulate preferential policies to attract sci-tech talents to join in rural sci-tech services, and protect legal rights and interests of sci-tech personnel in rural sci-tech services.


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