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Agricultural Economics Via Distance Education: Challenges and Opportunities, Allen F. Wysocki; Comparison of Agriculture and Business Practices in Southern United States and Europe and Ideas for Collaboration, Wes Harrison; Responses to the Farm Family Financial Crisis, Steve Isaacs; Global Economic Turmoil and Prospects for Recovery: Impacts, Issues and Prospects for Southern Agriculture, Mary Marchant; USDA/EPA Unified National Strategy for AFO's -Status and Implications for Southern Producers, Randy Little; How to Include Ethics in Teaching and Extension Programs, James Novak; Southern Agriculture in the Millennium Round of the WTO: Views, Issues, and Prospects, Larry Sanders; Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients View Challenges of the Early Years of the New Millennium in Historical Perspective, Eldon D. Smith; Problems in Crop Enterprise Budgeting, Tim Cross; The Potential for Industry Strategic Planning to Enhance the Competitiveness of Southern Agriculture, Rodney Holcomb


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