This report reflects 1976 and 1977 fiscal year operations of 14 primary regional and 4 interregional grain cooperatives. The l8 cooperatives represent about 97 percent of total grain volume of all regional cooperatives. Grain volume for the 14 primary regional grain cooperatives and 4 interregiona1s totaled a net of 1.9 billion bushels in fiscal 1976 and 1.B billion in 1977 compared to 1.6 billion bushels in 1974. Corn was the leading grain handled by the 18 regiona1s--totaling 695 million bushels followed closely by wheat with 571 million bushels. Together corn and wheat comprised 68 percent of regionals' volume. The 18 regiona1s disposed of their grain in fiscal 1977 by processing B percent in their own plants selling 35 percent to domestic outlets, and shipping 57 percent to ports for export. Export volume in fiscal 1976 and 1977 was slightly over 1.0 billion bushels.


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