To evaluate the reclamation suitability of industrial and mining wasteland is the premise of reclamation. The wasteland was firstly categorized according to land use status and damage types. Then the evaluation process of reclamation suitability was introduced, which involves two steps, the first step was to exclude those unsuitable wasteland by the limits conditions, while the second step was to evaluate the suitability degree of those suitable wasteland. From the perspectives of soil fertility, soil pollution, farmland water conservancy and land damage, twelve evaluation factors, including soil depth, gravel content, bulk density, organic material content, pollution index, gradient, flatness, irrigation and drainage condition, source of borrowed earth, distance from the residential settlement, erosion modulus and damage extent, were selected to establish an index system for evaluating the abandoned industrial and mining land, aiming to provide references for the future reclamation of industrial and mining wasteland.


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