We redefine "green food enterprises" and expound the connotation of "greenification" of food processing industry. Taking the case of Heilongjiang Province, we give an overview of green food enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, and study the degree of "greenification" of food processing industry in Heilongjiang Province, through the case study of related enterprises. There are some problems in the process of pushing forward "greenification" of food processing industry, such as the high cost of production, varying quality of products, weak R & D capability and the distance limitations of raw material places and the consumer market. The following recommendations are put forth for promoting the "greenification" of food enterprises: (i) Reducing the production costs of green food, and improving the "greenification rate"; (ii) Intensifying policy support, and creating a "green" environment; (iii) Strengthening quality control, and improving consumers' trust in green food; (iv) Establishing the network of green marketing, and broadening sales channels of green food.


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