"Internship Programs Revisited," participants Wes Harrison, Bert Greenwalt, Lisa O. House, Juan Jose Herrera, and Jeremy Stevens; "Exploring the Potential Impacts of Federal Devolution of the Rural South," participants Dennis Fisher, Ronald C. Wimberley, Keith Ward, and Mark Nord; "Technical Barriers to Trade and the New Wave of Protectionism: Identifying Roles for Extension and Research Economists," participants John Greifer, Al Ortego, and Ken Posey; "Precision Agriculture: Economic Monitoring of the Knowledge and Information Process," participants Craig Kvien, John Sadler, Eric Lund, and Michele Marra; "Extension and Research Opportunities Through Southern "Feedout" Programs," participants Charlie Forrest, Darrh Bullock, Jim McGrann, and Elwyn Deal; "Building a Market Economy for Agriculture: Progress and Challenges for Transition Economics," participants Gail L. Cramer, Wladyslaw Piskorz, and Natalija Kazlauskiene; "The Rural Land Market," participants John E. Reynolds, Ben Klugh, Walter Prevatt, Steve Henning, and J.H. Atkinson; "Management-Focused Education for Agriculture," participants Johnny Jordan, Geoff Benson, and A. J.(Jack) McAllister; "Exploring Funding Opportunities for Rural Development Activities in the South," participants Louis E. Swanson and Deborah M. Tootle; "The North American Free Trade Agreement: Continuing Impact Assessment and Institutional Responses," participants Gary Fairchild, Jason Johnson, Hal Harris, Geoff Benson, Parr Rosson, Larry Sanders, John Syme, Flynn Adcock, Bill Herndon, and Dave Schweikhardt.


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