It's became clear that Land is not only a basic factor of production, it also has a number of specific features. Against this background, it has long been recognized that clarifying property rights to land can enhance economic growth through a number of channels: - The mean macroeconomic view is that the land has to be provided and used by government and non-governmental institutions, local community and the private sector for a wide range of purposes. Enforced property rights and security will also increase incentives for land-demand related to investment and thus overall economic output. In that way, the enforcement of property rights to land will provide incentive for good natural resources management - Efficient mechanisms for enforcing the land access and property rights exchange or transfer, are a precondition to promote the land productivity, increase agriculture output and can be used for credit as collateral in the transaction. - Well-defined land rights are an indispensable basis to increase the tax-payees, important mechanism to increase government revenue.


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