The role of generic advertising in consumer response is investigated using a rich individual-level dataset on purchase of 100% orange juice and other beverages. The data is survey-based and is designed to measure recall and responsiveness to advertising programs by the Florida Department of Citrus. The survey also collects information on various socio-demographic and household indicators. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of generic advertising on purchase of 100% orange juice using an econometric model that controls for different socio-demographic variables. Although previous research has examined the influence of generic advertising on the demand for orange juice, all previous work has been based on aggregate data while this study utilizes individual-level survey data. Findings are relevant to agricultural marketing policy and FAMPS members. A significant and positive relationship between purchase frequency and advertising awareness is obtained. Hence, increasing product demand is dependent upon levels of generic advertising, which emphasizes the role of commodity marketing orders. Moreover, the study introduces a rich individual-level dataset that may be of interest to others in future research on the role of generic advertising.


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