The paper focuses on some aspects concerning the organization and management of fisheries in the Adriatic sea, in particular in the Northern and Central part, identified as Geographical Sub-Area 17 (GSA 17 – High Adriatic sea). This area includes Italy, Slovenia and Croatia and it has a high environmental importance due to the presence of the lagoon and high eco-biological ecosystems. The Northern-Central Adriatic area is one of the most productive areas of the Mediterranean Sea and one of the major fishing ground in Southern Europe. The good management of the area implies a cross-border collaboration between countries and a common regulation in order to avoid market distortion, stocks overexploitation and unevenly conservation of natural resources. The creation of a Fishing District between the two sides of Adriatic Sea could help to find a common governance of the area and could be a good solution for the implementation of the Common Fishery Policy in future. The Social-Economic Fishing and Aquaculture Observatory of Chioggia (VE) is one of the members of the Technical Group and plays an important role in this cross-border collaboration.


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