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Forest farmers are the basic micro-subjects in southern collectively owned forest, and their willingness towards forest management directly influences forestry development. Thus, to provide subsidies to forest farmers is an important means to encourage the farmers' enthusiasm to manage the forest and promote the healthy and sustainable development of private forest. In order to reduce the supply-demand contradictions and improve the implementation effects of the subsidies system, the design of the system should be based on the real needs of forest farmers. On this basis, a questionnaire survey was designed in this paper to study the preferences of forest farmers to different types of subsidies in the southern collectively owned forest and the influencing factors were analysed by the Logistic Model to search for the reasonable design of the system. It was concluded that the forest farmers with different backgrounds show different preference to the subsidies, which, to a certain extent, reflects the development bottlenecks of forestry, and lays a foundation for the design of subsidies system.


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