This article analyzes the status quo of social security for migrant workers in China, and points out that there are deep system and concept reasons for the lack of labor rights and interests security, social security, equality and the right to development, political participation channels for the current migrant workers. This article then expounds the adverse effects of lack of social security for migrant workers on building a harmonious society: the lack of social security for migrant workers poses an enormous hidden trouble to the social stability, restricting the urbanization process in China, and hampering China's agricultural development. To improve social security for migrant workers and promote the harmonious development of society, it is necessary to adhere to "people-oriented" outlook of development, give full play to migrant workers' social creativity; implement the development strategy of comparative advantage, enhance material basis of social security for migrant workers; break the trade barriers between urban and rural areas, build unified urban-rural labor market; based on the actual situation of various regions, use hierarchical classification method to progressively improve the social security mechanism for migrant workers.


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