Major problems of agricultural technological innovation in China were summarized as below: first, poor agricultural science and technology system; second, deficient technological promotion system; third, shortage of agricultural professionals; fourth, serious shortage of science and technology input. In view of these problems, the following suggestions were given to improve the innovation of agricultural technology in China. (1) Restructuring agricultural research institutes, establishing cooperative innovation centers, improving agricultural technological innovation system; (2) Specifying the direction of research projects, improving scientific research level of technicians, so as to improve the agricultural technological innovation capacity; (3) Improving promotion and service stations in towns, organizing technological service teams of agricultural universities and colleges, establishing agricultural technological promotion systems; (4) Increasing input in agricultural technological innovation by attracting government input, enterprise investment and other financial support; (5) Cultivating more talents of agricultural technology, training leading agricultural technicians, grassroots agricultural service staff and practical talents.


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