The normal supply of vegetables is related to the people's livelihood and social stability, and smooth prices of vegetables are vital to social development. Based on the phenomenon of great fluctuations in the prices of vegetables in recent years, we use living example to analyze the real reasons for great fluctuations in the prices of vegetables from the perspective of supply chain node of vegetables and macroeconomic policies. Finally, from the balance of supply and demand, industry standardization, circulation, market order and the government mechanism, we put forth the following management strategies for controlling great fluctuations in the prices of vegetables: establishing and improving the channels of information transmission, making the production and marketing information symmetrical, and balancing supply and demand; actively promoting the industry standardization of vegetables; reducing the intermediate links, and curtailing the circulation cost of vegetables; regulating the "green channel" of vegetables, and preventing uptick in the prices of vegetables in the "last mile"; cracking down on the vegetable speculation behavior to ensure the healthy development of the vegetable market; actively giving play to the role of government, and building the vegetable protection system.


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