This paper modifies and employs a model previously developed for empirical evaluation of the impact of commodity price-support programs on corn acreage. (See J. P. Houck and M. E. Ryan, "Supply Analysis for Corn in the United States ... ," Amer. Jour. Agr. Econ. 54: May 1972; and J. P. Houck and A. Subotnik, "The U.S. Supply of Soybeans ... ," Agr. Econ. Res. 21 (4); 99- 108, Oct. 1969.) This model is used to analyze the effect of the set-aside program on corn plantings. Estimates for corn acreage planted in 1971 range from 73.6 to 74.6 million compared with actual plantings of 74.7 million acres. For 1972, 68.1 to 69.7 million acres of corn are predicted.


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