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Contact for this paper: Laura Bipes, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota, 1994 Buford Avenue, 232 ClaOff, St. Paul, MN 55108. This volume contains the main papers that were presented at an IATRC symposium which focused on Policy Reform, Market Stability, and Food Security. It was held June 26-27, 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia and was co-sponsored by the Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy, Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota. Papers included are: Asian Economic Crisis and the Long-Term Global Food Situation, by Mark Rosegrant and Claudia Ringler; The New Policy Environment for Food Aid: The Challenge of Sub-Saharan Africa, by Cheryl Christensen; Poverty and Undernutrition in South Asia, by T.N. Srinivasan; The Macro Dimensions of Food Security: Economic Growth, Equitable Distribution, and Food Price Stability, by Peter Timmer; World Food Markets and Food Security: Uncertain Connections, by Robert Paarlberg; International Price Instability in Cereals Markets and a Market Based Scheme for Developing Country Cereal Imports, by Alexander Sarris; On Reform, Food Prices, and Poverty in India, by Martin Ravallion; The Contribution of Food Aid to Stable Food Consumption, by Christopher Barrett; A Role of Capital Markets in Natural Disasters: A Piece of the Food Security Puzzle, by Jerry Skees


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