Based on the modern comprehensive evaluation method, in accordance with the scientific, objective and systematic principles, we select four factors (economic, social, ecological and landscape benefits), to establish the evaluation indicator system of comprehensive benefits of rural land consolidation. Then using the theory of fuzzy mathematics (FUZZY) and fuzzy relationship synthesis theory, we establish the fuzzy evaluation model of comprehensive benefits of land consolidation; using analytic hierarchy process (AHP), we determine the weight of each indicator, and conduct fuzzy comprehensive evaluation from various levels. By the weighted average synthesis algorithm, we calculate the evaluation indicators and finally summarize the overall evaluation results for comprehensive evaluation. Taking the case of land consolidation project in Shangyao Town, Datong District, Huainan City in Anhui Province, we calculate the case data based on Matlab software, and the calculation results and evaluation level are consistent with the project acceptance results, verifying the feasibility of this evaluation method.


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